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Cacao with Calendula outside

What goes well with cacao? Sharing some tasty Cacao Recipes 😋

What goes well with Ceremonial Cacao? Cacao Recipes Looking forward to sharing some of my favorite cacao recipes and combinations. Ceremonial cacao has been becoming more and more popular. I myself have been enjoying it well over a year or so. As an herbalist and someone genuinely curious about recipes and nourishment, it has been a lot of fun to be experimental and add more medicine to this incredible heart medicine. I also have an open spleen in Human Design so I am more open to different tastes 😋 Why would you add more ingredients to your cacao? I believe that we can use our food and nourishment as medicine in all life situations. If we only eat a certain amount of food and drink per day…why not make it tasty and nutritious and…medicinal? Food is medicine. Many ancient cultures have long believed this and it’s something I strive to do in my daily life. We can increase the nutritional value of something when we add certain things to our food. Cacao is a food …

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A love poem, That deep love that’s always inside of us 🙏

Sharing a Love Poem Hello Friends, excited to share this love poem with you today. Learning how to usethis space to share what’s softening my heart. Lately it’s been the omnipresence of love. I hope this poem makes you smile and encourages more love to grow inside of your beautiful being. Love is everyone, everywhere all the time I keep having this deep feeling that love is cradled, nestled deep inside my heart, my being Always knocking on my sternum asking kindly to allow more room more       space to allow love to grow from a seed to permeate expand and stretch in all directions all the time Love is everyone Love is everywhere all the time.

Cacao with Calendula outside

Cacao Recipe

Ceremonial Cacao Recipe: Aether A Ceremonial Cacao Recipe Contest I’ve decided to enter a contest by Cacao Lab for the Fifth Element Blend of  “Aether.”  I am so excited to share my recipe with you! I love creating nourishing recipes with my ceremonial cacao. I like to think of any time we ingest something as a chance to use “food as medicine.” With cacao this is especially amazing because cacao acts as a vasodilator. Which means that your body can have a greater access to the medicinal potency of your ingredients. If you are a looking for an incredible source of ceremonial cacao, check out Cacao Lab ❤️  The Fifth Element-Cacao Recipe So what is Aether? Aether can be described as the invisible energy that connects all… No big deal right?  For this blend I wanted to highlight the mushrooms Lion’s Mane and Reishi for their supernatural ability to heal and nourish the body and brain, grounding us through the mycelial network. What one could visualize as the physical manifestation of aether 🌌  Reishi calms …

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Radiant Oil

Radiant Oil Radiant Oil was created with a lot of LOVE. Firstly, thank you so much for your support, it really means a lot to me to support this passion of sharing natural skin health and nourishment.  If you are interested, see my Etsy shop. Our skin is radiant. Our bodies are radiant. We glow from the inside out. I believe that we have spent way too much time critiquing our beautiful vessels. Now is the time to honor our brilliance, our true radiance. My approach to health, and by direct correlation, happy skin, is to nourish first from the inside out. What I found works best is good hydration, a healthy diet, and movement. We can also nourish ourselves from the outside in by being very selective about what we put on the skin. Oil has long been a sacred tool for overall skin health and nourishment. “The Sanskrit word for oil, sneha, means love. Being saturated with oil is believed to have a similar effect as being filled with love. Abhyanga is the …

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Honoring Your Energy using Human Design

Honoring your Unique Energy ✨ An Inquiry into Human Design⁠ Have you ever thought about your energy?⁠ ⁠ When I think of energy, I think of the essence, the impression, the inner attitude, what’s behind the image, the shell, and the particular way it interacts in the physical world. Spirit, prana, chi, it’s the life force that animates each and everyone of us. This energy is flavored by the cosmos creating your unique personality. ⁠   We affect our Energy⁠ I believe we are responsible for our energetic imprint based on our thoughts, actions and the words we choose to say. Our energy is unique to us and is a reflection of whether or not we are in alignment with our soul’s code. To understand something so abstract we need a system. ⁠Luckily there are many systems that have been used since time immemorial. ⁠ For me that System is Human Design ⁠ Human design has helped me to step into understanding my energy. Giving me true permission to be myself. Realizing that as a …

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Human Design for Everyone

Human Design for Everyone I want to make Human Design available for EVERYONE. As someone who is in the realm of wellness, I feel it is my responsibility to create offerings that are available for as many people as possible. A common theme I am seeing a lot is a pay barrier. I think wellness people should get paid what they feel they deserve but often this creates a barrier for people who want access to health but are not able to afford it. It is my hope through my various offerings to help as many people as possible  have access to this information so that they can continue to shine. One way I am doing this is by offering donation based Human Design Readings. I am inspired by the Yoga with Adriene model of sharing free content on Youtube and having some offerings and membership along the way. Why Human Design? Human Design has really shifted  the way I see myself in this world. From digging deep into human design I understand that I …

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Radiant Body Oil

Radiant Body Oil ☀️ Hello, Radiant Body Oil. A new small batch face and body oil to nourish your cells. If you are interested in purchasing, you can buy from my Etsy Shop. Discovering the use of oil on the skin has been transformative. I feel like I am actually nourishing my skin instead of drying it out and adding tons of chemicals which are often found in many conventional beauty products. If there is anything you should take away from this article, it’s that we don’t need nearly as much as we think we do. Whatever your philosophy of life, the nervous system is your only means of connecting and interacting with your world. If you treat your nervous system like the sensitive system it is, it will play back the finest music to enrich your being. Keep it tuned and healthy, feed it well, and protect it from overuse and exploitation, and your reward will be a life of exquisite quality. Through even the most stressful events, you will feel centered and empowered. Rosemary …

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Overcoming Negative Thinking

Some Personal Reflections on Negative Thinking We are biologically hardwired to think negatively, it has helped us survive as a species to contemplate the “worst possible situation” and to find an alternate life saving path. We call this mechanism the Negativity Bias. This inherit bias is helpful in some situations but not…every situation…all the time. This bias can keep us in a perpetual state of negative thinking which affects how we feel, our energies, how we show up in the world, our health and so much more. To learn more check out this article.  We reflect the world we were brought up in If we were raised in a house hold of “negative Nancy’s” and “Ned’s?”, then chances are we might have received some “programming” to carry similar negative thinking patterns from our environment.But guess what…our brain is neuroplastic and we can change the expressions of our genes (hello epigenetics) through changing our environment. The most immediate environment being our bodies and our minds. If we were raised to think a certain way, we can …

Picture of Ceremonial Cacao

Preparing Ceremonial Cacao

Preparing Ceremonial Cacao is so calming and a beautiful process you can cultivate A quick and easy guide to preparing Ceremonial Cacao. So excited for you to step into your personal journey of softening the heart space. Source your ceremonial cacao. I love supporting Cacao Laboratory because they ethically and responsibly source their Cacao from farmers who are in sacred reciprocity with the spirit of Cacao. You can learn all about their sourcing and the intricate process of creating ceremonial cacao from the Cacao seeds from this wonderful Origins Youtube Series from Cacao Lab. Now that you have your ceremonial Cacao, let’s make something delicious for your mind, body and soul. Likely your Cacao will come in a solid bar. You will need to chop the cacao into small pieces so it integrates easily with the water. While chopping you can integrate gratitude. This blessed being has travelled a long way to make it to you. Sing a song of gratitude while chopping, you are officially connecting with the spirit of Cacao, today is an …