Current Offerings

🌞Sliding Scale Human Design Readings

Lean into your unique Human Design chart with sliding scale offerings, each experience includes a custom PDF report of your design and video recording or  video chat, (30 minutes – 1 hour call, depending)

⭐️ Mini Reading

A 30 Minute Mini Session for $25-35

You will learn the absolute basics so you can start honoring your energy today.

In addition, you will receive a mini report relating to your chart including questions.

This is a great place to start if you are curious but not ready to dive 100% in.

⭐️Human Design Chart Reading

A more extensive Human Design Reading, sliding scale, starting at $40+

A one hour open conversation around your unique human design chart.

Image of Human Design Body Graph

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Cacao + Watercolor

Photo of expressive artwork from cacao and watercolor
Artwork by Jin Allamani

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➡️ Offerings on the Horizon

🌱 Nutritional Assessment + Planning

Together to we will look at your dietary intake, assess current health challenges and work together to create a vision for yourself to feel more whole, happy and healthy. I believe that inflammation is one of the main areas of concern with the modern diet in addition to not managing stress. Through this offering we will integrate healthy habits such as meditation and movement in addition to creating an eating blueprint of what works best for your unique needs.