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Human Design Online Shop

Give yourself the gift of Human Design Happy to share that I now have a shop available on my website sharing my current offerings. I have decided on a base price of 75.00, which is still well under the threshold of other Human Design readers. I have been consistently been getting paid 75.00 per reading so I saw it as a sweet sign from the Universe…yes, you are worth it 😀 My most affordable offering is the Human Design Mini Reading @ $33.00 in addition to my Human Design Custom Reports available on Etsy. I am happy to honor a sliding scale if you are someone who is truly in need, if this is you, please do not hesitate to DM at 🙏 In the future I will be sharing more offerings rooted in a whole sense of wellness practices. In addition I will also be launching a 3 pack Human Design experience that is guiding and includes ceremonial cacao. Stay tuned to learn more. Currently all my offerings are related to Human Design …

Human Design Readings under $100

Affordable Human Design Readings Under $100

Human Design Readings under 100$ I am happy to share that I am offering sliding scale human design readings for under 100$. The price ranges from $40+ with the average payment around $70-75.oo for a 1 hour reading and a personalized report complete with all information shared and journal questions for your own introspection.   What is Human Design? A marriage between spirit + science 🧬 It is a phenomenal tool that has truly lifted and shifted my world and I want to share the wisdom and light with you. I am offering sliding scale readings in addition to affordable chart reports. Currently in HD reader training with Jenna Zoe. Why is this a big deal? Most readings are well over that cost and I want to help more people connect with their human design chart. There is a lot of information out there about Human Design and we can easily learn on our own, but it can be a lot of information and not everyone has time for that. Or is able to understand the complexities of the language. …