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Tentree Ambassador 2021

Tentree Ambassador I have always wanted something from Tentree, specifically a pair of their joggers (Bamone Treefleece Joggers) that a friend of my husband’s and I have. He always commented on comfy they we’re and how I would appreciate the brand because…as someone who loves nature, they plant 10 trees for every purchase! Pretty amazing 😀 I had stumbled upon a call for brand ambassador’s and thought it would be time to try it out. I submitted my IG handle, a few images and a short essay and voila…a few weeks later I was in. As an ENFP (Myers Briggs) I love love love to share stuff so I figured it was a worthy cause to be involved in. And for me it really is. As someone who often purchases used clothes or buys things used…it felt purposeful and intentional to support a brand that met my more strict criteria my conscious consumer early 30’s. I was intrigued by the idea of becoming a brand ambassador and had been getting more and more contact reach …