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Overcoming Negative Thinking

Some Personal Reflections on Negative Thinking We are biologically hardwired to think negatively, it has helped us survive as a species to contemplate the “worst possible situation” and to find an alternate life saving path. We call this mechanism the Negativity Bias. This inherit bias is helpful in some situations but not…every situation…all the time. This bias can keep us in a perpetual state of negative thinking which affects how we feel, our energies, how we show up in the world, our health and so much more. To learn more check out this article.  We reflect the world we were brought up in If we were raised in a house hold of “negative Nancy’s” and “Ned’s?”, then chances are we might have received some “programming” to carry similar negative thinking patterns from our environment.But guess what…our brain is neuroplastic and we can change the expressions of our genes (hello epigenetics) through changing our environment. The most immediate environment being our bodies and our minds. If we were raised to think a certain way, we can …