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Cacao with Calendula outside

What goes well with cacao? Sharing some tasty Cacao Recipes 😋

What goes well with Ceremonial Cacao? Cacao Recipes Looking forward to sharing some of my favorite cacao recipes and combinations. Ceremonial cacao has been becoming more and more popular. I myself have been enjoying it well over a year or so. As an herbalist and someone genuinely curious about recipes and nourishment, it has been a lot of fun to be experimental and add more medicine to this incredible heart medicine. I also have an open spleen in Human Design so I am more open to different tastes 😋 Why would you add more ingredients to your cacao? I believe that we can use our food and nourishment as medicine in all life situations. If we only eat a certain amount of food and drink per day…why not make it tasty and nutritious and…medicinal? Food is medicine. Many ancient cultures have long believed this and it’s something I strive to do in my daily life. We can increase the nutritional value of something when we add certain things to our food. Cacao is a food …