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Picture of Ceremonial Cacao

Preparing Ceremonial Cacao

Preparing Ceremonial Cacao is so calming and a beautiful process you can cultivate A quick and easy guide to preparing Ceremonial Cacao. So excited for you to step into your personal journey of softening the heart space. Source your ceremonial cacao. I love supporting Cacao Laboratory because they ethically and responsibly source their Cacao from farmers who are in sacred reciprocity with the spirit of Cacao. You can learn all about their sourcing and the intricate process of creating ceremonial cacao from the Cacao seeds from this wonderful Origins Youtube Series from Cacao Lab. Now that you have your ceremonial Cacao, let’s make something delicious for your mind, body and soul. Likely your Cacao will come in a solid bar. You will need to chop the cacao into small pieces so it integrates easily with the water. While chopping you can integrate gratitude. This blessed being has travelled a long way to make it to you. Sing a song of gratitude while chopping, you are officially connecting with the spirit of Cacao, today is an …