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Yoga Asana, Twisting into Revolved Chair Pose, Parivrtta Utkatasana

    Feeling into the strength of the body, my quads awaken, noticing their own ability. Their power. The grace of the twist is intentional and love centered as the heart space shines up towards the beautiful sun. For this asana, you start in chair pose, Utkatasana, feet are hip distance apart, sitting back into your seat, knees strong and bending as your hips sink back, axial extension through the spine as you twist from the thoracic and connect your opposite elbow to the opposite knee. And don’t forget to breathe and move your beautiful energy around. Settling into Parivrtta Utkatasana Revolving the body in space while feeling into the strength of the legs. This is a beautiful pose to find your self in and to feel fully into the body. It allows our spinal column to express itself outside of the normal motions of forward and backward. To twist is to wring out tension that settles along the central nervous system, our side body, and hips. Revolved chair pose feels both vulnerable and strong. …