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chair pose

Yoga Asana, Twisting into Revolved Chair Pose, Parivrtta Utkatasana

    Feeling into the strength of the body, my quads awaken, noticing their own ability. Their power. The grace of the twist is intentional and love centered as the heart space shines up towards the beautiful sun. For this asana, you start in chair pose, Utkatasana, feet are hip distance apart, sitting back into your seat, knees strong and bending as your hips sink back, axial extension through the spine as you twist from the thoracic and connect your opposite elbow to the opposite knee. And don’t forget to breathe and move your beautiful energy around. Settling into Parivrtta Utkatasana Revolving the body in space while feeling into the strength of the legs. This is a beautiful pose to find your self in and to feel fully into the body. It allows our spinal column to express itself outside of the normal motions of forward and backward. To twist is to wring out tension that settles along the central nervous system, our side body, and hips. Revolved chair pose feels both vulnerable and strong. …


Yoga Asana, Leaning into Goddess Pose

Goddess pose has quickly become a favorite for me in my yoga journey.   I feel powerful and beautiful at the same time. It is like an awakening of a deeper self. The onion layers of the self, open and unraveling. Here I am, this is me. I am beautiful.   For this asana, you are standing with your feet wide legged and toes pointing at a diagonal. Opening up into the body.   You then bend your knees and allow your pelvis to sit deeper as you knees track over your toes, getting into a comfortable low squat. The hips are externally rotated with toes pointing outward. The front body is exposed.   Vulnerability + a beautiful strength.     The arms lift outwards to the sides and bend at a 90 degree angle, “cactus arms” as they are sometimes called. The fingers are in the sacred Gyan Mudra, the mudra or seal of knowledge, with index and thumbs together. Creating a circuit with in the sacred body.   Welcome to  Goddess Pose Utkata …

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Leaning into Yoga

I have been on my Yoga journey for a small period of my life but it has transformed me beyond my own recognition of myself. It was knocking at my spiritual door for many years and it was only recently that I decided to open that door and let that reconnecting with spirit in. This past summer, I decided to to delve into Yoga Teacher Training with Detroit Yoga Lab.   This was actually the same studio I took my first real yoga class from.   Let me take you back, I was a graduate student at Wayne State in the Fine Arts Department and my room mate invited me to sign up for a week of yoga. It was a great move for me at that period of my life and left a strong imprint in my memory. calm peacefulness noticing my body in space and time realizing that the body needs to be respected I felt so rested that I fell asleep during the class. As someone who has always been a high …