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Winter sunset colors with trees

enjoy winter with ease

Some practical tips for enjoying winter 1. Dress the part When you engage in nature you will often find yourself rewarded by her beauty. Whether it be a sunrise, sunset, spotting a hawk, owl, or eagle. Nature is always blessing us with gifts. We feel whole when we are in nature, we feel happy and we feel the sense of connection. Do your sweet self a favor and find yourself in the cold slumber of winter. And of course the basics… Warm coatHatScarf or wool neck gaiterGloves Sunglasses Dress in layers, you build warmth through the air between layers, pretty cool, right 😀 I like to wear a pair of leggings or my smart wool base layer. Followed by my lined Carhart pants (I have had these for many years and they are really serving their purpose) Work with what you have and make note of what works and what doesn’t. I’ll wear a wool underlayer (synthetic or wool are best if you plan to be active in the winter) On top of my wool …