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Jennifer Portrait with Flowers

re-thinking beauty

  Our body is a beautiful temple and we should treat it just as that. There is a lot of noise out there telling us we need this, that and the other thing, or we are not “desirable” unless we are absolutely youthful and free of “blemishes” and imperfections, the list goes on and on. We are beautiful exactly as we are. We’ve only been conditioned to think otherwise. Maybe by society at large, by experiences, by parents, by the media, etc. It’s time to shed that skin (letting go of the old paradigm) because the most beautiful thing we can do for ourselves is to love ourselves. Self care doesn’t mean purchasing tons of things and buying this product by this Celebrity or Influencer. We are so much more than that, and if you are here, you might believe the same thing. In my opinion, when we simplify, we make our lives so so so much easier. We learn to let go. We let go of stories. We let go of wasting time on …