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Image of an example of a generator human design chart

Human Design Generators

Human Design Generators ~ Sacral Authority If you have been studying human design and generators which are a large portion of the human population…35-37% (pure generators)…chances are you have heard about the famous sacral center, the second energy center from the bottom center, just above the root center. Here I am going to share a little bit about Authority…and the role of the Sacral Energy Center for Generators (Following your gut) These are all generators (below), notice how different they all look as far as energy centers that are defined and undefined. What makes a generator a generator is if they have the sacral center defined but they don’t have any motor center’s (ego, solar plexus, sacral + root) connected to the throat, if they did…they would be a manifesting generator. Something to note…if you have the Solar Plexus defined then you are emotional authority and you must be cool calm and collected before tuning into your sacral center. If you have both the Spleen + Sacral defined, you are fast tracked to make decisions. …

“The level of accuracy…was mind blowing” Human Design Testimonial

As a huge fan of tools that allow me to get to know myself better, I asked Jennifer for a Human Design reading. In her (almost!) an hour long reading, she gave me a detailed overview of not only traits I instantly recognized but offered guidance and practical advice of how I can use those traits to my advantage. The level of accuracy Jennifer offered throughout my reading was mind blowing – it felt like she’s in my head at times! If you’re looking to find out more about yourself and advance faster in life, I could not recommend Jennifer more for a Human Design Reading. -Dijana

“Jennifer is a wealth of information” Human Design Testimonial

Jennifer is a wealth of information. I very much enjoyed my Human Design reading with her! I resonated with what she explained to me about my chart. It’s wonderful to have more awareness about myself and what my gifts and strengths are so I can express them more openly and proudly as well as be aware of what I need to look out for and have tendencies towards. So much info packed in the chart that I could have many more sessions with her and keep learning. I highly recommend trying it out! Thank you, Jennifer!    – Brenda