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Open Hearts Club is now Jen Open Hearts

Changing Website ~ In the spirit of spring 🌱 Hello friends, Thank you so much for following me on my journey! I am so grateful for you and for the connections I have made on this site. I will be transitioning from Open Hearts Club to Jen Open Hearts on the platform squarespace to help with ease of sales etc. and a little more user friendly for me. I am letting you know because you may be receiving wordpress emails from my site when I post an update. I have built small but mighty following under a 100 but still I would love for us to stay connected. I hope to see you over there as well and if you are interested in being on my newsletter, I would love for you to sign up! Sign Up Here {Newsletter} Check out the new website {still a work in progress} Thank you and hope to connect with you soon 😉 Current Offerings Ceremonial Cacao

February Updates Love is Joy Waking Up

  Love is Joy waking up 🙏 An unexpectedly fragrant giant lily from Trader Joes 3.99 Bouquet bundle…can you believe this!     Seeing myself in a state of J O Y Let’s be really real…lately…The world 🌍 feels…a little…. H E A V Y There are many things that we don’t have control over…so we must be objective…what can I control or take ownership of. We can control how we R E A C T to the world. ​ We must learn to be responsive and remember that… Where attention goes…energy flows 🌀 So if I spend my time worrying..chances are, I’ll fee a little low. But if I redirect that sweet awareness on something peaceful, something I am looking F O R W A R D to…I just might feel a little bit lighter. So remember someone somewhere loves you and needs you to remember to keep your light on 😉 ​Here’s what’s new + exciting for me ❤️ ​ I will be teaching a 1 hour workshop on Human Design Workshop this coming Tuesday 2/21 …

What is Human Design?

What is Human Design? Simply put…human design is a tool, a system that helps us to step deeper into our own unique essence. To help us RE-MEMBER who we are meant to be in this current incarnation. Human design is a system that helps us realize our truths. It has been called, The Science of Differentiation, so we can see ourselves as unique beings with unique gifts…remembering that although we are all one human family, we are each unique in so many vast ways. Human design can be used a tool to help us understand that. To help us connect with what is authentically true for us. What can Human Design Teach Us? Why are some people needing more rest than others? Why are some the first to act? Why do some of us feel the need to be around others constantly?  Why do some of us speak out of turn? These are all questions that Human Design can help answer. It has served me immensely on my path of understanding myself and those around …