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Meditation pose in colorado

My Journey with Meditation

They say that showing up is the hardest part, especially in our “busy” world. Today I showed up with a candle and fixed my gaze upon the gentle organic shape of the flame. Pure, gentle beauty. My eyes and mind transfixed on the simplicity of it all. My inner mind whispers, Thank you for showing up today. I typically don’t use a candle when I meditate, but I had just received my Michigan made beeswax candle and used them last night for my full moon ceremony. It felt only right to continue to honor that flame. It was warm and inviting, which means a lot in a Michigan winter. I have been contemplating the space that fire holds, as it’s been a constant companion in my Cacao Ceremonies over the past few months. honoring the flame that transmutes, shifts energy, burning away the things that no longer serve. The fire lives with in all of us, and we live in the fire. The eternal flame of light. We are made of the elements.   Nothing …