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Image of Apricot Nice Cream

Delicious and Healthy Nice Cream Recipe

3 Ingredient Summer “Nice Cream” Recipe This has been our summer go to dessert and it’s super easy and affordable to make. We have been taking advantage of berry season here in Michigan both at the local farmers market and our own back yard. Since this recipe calls for frozen berries, I simply place the freshly picked berries on parchment paper (on a baking tray) in the freezer until completely frozen. Now I want to share why we decided to switch to “nice cream.” The Switch from Dairy to Nice Cream When we eat dairy, we strive for organic, grass fed and local. Organic and grass fed are important because it means that the cows are able to eat exactly what nature intended them to eat, the things that grow from the earth. To ruminate in the fields and to enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious “grasses.” Since dairy is a product that comes from another animal, it’s important to think about the lifestyle that the animal has. Is it being pumped with hormones? …