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Dream world program

My Experience with The Dream World Program

Use the Code Jen10 to save 10% I wanted to take a moment to share about The Dream World Program taught by Sapara Nation elder, Manari Ushigua and Jessica Scheer Welcome to Makihaunu, the connection and bridge between material world & spirit world, where we get our answers, dream world   I have always loved dreams and felt that they had significance in my life. I have had several dreams in my life that have come true and felt a true bliss in those rare moments of lucid dreaming, which I am able to connect to more often these days. I have always loved the way dreams awaken a different part of the soul, the consciousness. How they seem to tap into something deeper than what we are able to conceive. My dreams have always been an indication of where I am at. They mirror to me what I am thinking about, what’s linger in my thought patterns and subconscious mind.   They hold significance in our lives and it is one of the many …