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spring ephemeral pink trillium

A Spring 2022 Smoky Mountain Road Trip

My husband and I are currently on our annual Easter road trip to the Smoky Mountains. It’s such a beautiful time to visit because all of the spring ephemerals are just starting to shine life and light into the beautiful mountain terrain. We’ve seen so many beautiful flowers. It feels like such an honor to hike into these mountains and to take the time to notice the moment. To rest in the lushness of the mountainside. To hear the sound of endless rivers and streams, and seeing columbines bloom from the sides of cliffs from the road. I feel so blessed to be here. We went on a hike called Chestnut Trail and saw so many beautiful flowers as we began the trek up the incline welcoming us on the path. The Smoky Mountain national Park is one of the most bio diverse areas in North America. It has so much to offer and it’s really a safe space for your soul to rest. Coming into nature is always so restful for me and I …