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Picture of Ethique shampoo bar

Eco Beauty Find: Ethique Solid Shampoo

Eco Beauty Find- Ethique Solid Shampoo I love sharing good products when I find them, especially when the company supports a cleaner world and takes responsibility for their ingredients and the products. I was first introduced to Ethique by a Youtuber named Sustainably Vegan, who is the epitome of a sustainable person. I believe that we can all make small changes to create an impact. The individual choices we make each day contribute to the whole. So if we choose to buy things in a conscious way, we are contributing to the change. We can choose to support sustainable brands A really fun part about buying from Ethique is they tell you what your impact is. When you make an account with them they have a section that shows you what your impact is. I have only made one purchase and this feels pretty rewarding to me. Knowing that when I participate in an exchange with their company that they are not in it to just make a profit. They want to create an impact. …